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Technical Specifications


8 1/2 MC6166

Diameter: 215.9mm (8 1/2")  
IADC Code: S323  
Design number: U03  


Number of blades 6
Type of diamond inserts PDC
Total number of PDC inserts (cutting/gauge) 49 (34/15)
Total number of PDC inserts for back reaming 6
Total number of antivibration inserts 18
Number of changeable nozzles 6
Connecting thread З-117 (4 1/2 REG)
Drill bit height, mm 390.0
Drill bit net weight, kg 51.00
Drill bit gross weight, kg 95.00

Recommended Drilling Conditions

Rotation speed 350-60 rpm
Thrust load 1.00-13.00 t (2200 - 28600 lbs)
Drilling fluid consumption 25.00-40.00 l/s
Recommended make-up torque 16.00-22.00 kNm


The drill bit is designed for drilling soft formations with medium hard streaks

Design Features

Changeable threaded nozzles

The body is hardfaced with tungsten carbide

Bit antivibration protection

PDC inserts for back reaming


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